• It is all about the beans

    Australians have a love affair with coffee. Research shows each of us consumes about three kilograms of coffee each year. The fastest-growing segment is ‘single serve’ coffee (or ‘pods’) — with more than three million consumed each day.

  • Fair Trade and Organic

    But coffee pods are notoriously bad for the environment. Each of the more than one billion pods Australians use every year will take several hundred years to break down.

  • Fast Delivery

    So while we produce the premium Australian-roasted coffee you expect — at a competitive price and in pods that fit into your existing machine — we also do things a bit differently.

  • We Know Coffee

    Community Pod is more than just a company that sells coffee pods and beans — we’re a social enterprise that believes in doing the right thing by both the planet and its people.



Community Pod isn’t just great tasting coffee; it’s coffee that gives.


Community Pod is committed to the planet. We’ve made our enterprise as clean and green as possible at every stage of the process.

We’ve committed to tackling the really big problems in innovative ways — solving the waste problem wherever we can. Not only are our coffee pods easily recycled, but we’ve also teamed with the geniuses at Life Cykel to ensure our coffee grounds are reused in their mushroom farms. If you happen to be a mushroom fan as well as a coffee lover, pick up a Home Grown Mushroom Box and grow delicious oyster mushies in your own kitchen.

Community Pod has also partnered with Bannister Downs Premium Milk Dairy. Bannister Downs will pick up our coffee waste from our coffee carts and selected Cafes and recycle our coffee waste by compositing on their dairy! This is then spread over their fields.
So you could say we are turning coffee into milk!




Community Pod is also committed to the causes you hold dear.

With every coffee pod or bag of beans we sell, Community Pod automatically redirects 10% of the transaction to not-for-profit organisations and charities.

We’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s most trusted and highest-profile philanthropists, Dr Ros Worthington, to ensure a range of worthy charitable causes benefit from Community Pod’s commitment to giving back.

Alternatively — because we believe in doing what’s right — coffee drinkers can donate directly to any charity of their choice through our website!



Community Pod coffee is a premium product (roasted by one of Australia’s top coffee connoisseurs) without any compromises.

Our beans and pods don’t cost any more than the available alternatives, but it does come with a commitment to do the right thing by our environment and our community. 

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