Dr Ros Worthington (OAM) is one of Australia’s most loved, most trusted and highest-profile philanthropists.
Throughout her 30 years of ongoing charitable contributions, Ros has been honoured and recognised on many levels.
• Awarded an Order of Australia Medal
• Presented with an Honorary Doctorate from Murdoch University
• Named in WA’s top 100 most Courageous and Inspiring Women
• Inducted into the International Women’s Day Hall of Fame
• Crowned 2015 West Australian of the Year for Community
• Twice been a state finalist for Australian of the Year
• Been formally acknowledged as one of WA’s 100 Most Influential Western Australians
• Received awards as Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur and United Way’s Philanthropist of the Year
Ros’ drive and determination to champion causes and be a voice for the voiceless knows no bounds. Her inspiring ability to turn pain into power has made her a charity powerhouse, philanthropist and respected female role model.
Ros is a genuine angel with a heart of gold and is the inspiration behind Community Pod. Ros manages the charities and not-for-profits featuring in “Ros’s Hub” — ensuring worthy charities benefit from the generosity of Community Pod’s customers.

Ros's Hub

Out of adversity, seek the seed of far greater   advantage! Throughout her life, from a harrowing childhood through to managing the traumas of chronic breast disease and dealing with personal loss, Ros Worthington’s remarkable life story is a profound testament to how strength, courage and passion can make a significant difference, inspire others and change lives for the better.

It is very rare … perhaps only once in a lifetime … that there comes along a person who possesses such a powerful and positive energy who can propel and bring about a seismic difference in the lives of other people.

Ever since she can remember, Ros has always had the desire and the drive to help others who have been disadvantaged either by a lack of education and training, serious illness or mental health challenges. She loves her fellow human beings and will always give of herself to be of service, to raise their circumstances beyond their wildest hopes and expectations … to present them with unexpected joy when all they were experiencing was anxiety and hopelessness.

While she has experienced her own series of terrible life events and could have sunk into the darkest depths of suicidal depression, she made a choice to fight through adversity by helping others and eventually came out smiling. She says: “When you patiently listen to someone who is suffering with serious health problems whether it is mental or physical and you are able to help them … it gives you great joy.”

Dr Ros Worthington’s moving story is living proof that where you start in life does not need to dictate the path of your journey or its conclusion. By turning pain into action, putting the needs of others first and never accepting reverses or defeat, she has been the driving force behind many well-known charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation in WA, Breast Cancer Care WA (formerly the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA) and the Love Angel Foundation, which teaches children the lifelong values of love, compassion and philanthropy and raises funds to feed and educate orphans and widows in emerging nations around the world.

Her drive and determination to champion causes and be a voice for those have no means to be heard knows no bounds. The depression and suicide of her beloved husband 12 years ago impelled her to shine a light on the hidden and stigmatised issue of mental health. In 2008, she spearheaded the successful HelpME campaign, with Lifeline WA, to help lift the veil on depression and suicide and let those suffering know there is no shame in asking for help.

Her inspiring leadership and selfless example over many years has been officially recognised in many ways, She has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 1998, been named Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the western region in 2006 and United Way’s Philanthropist of the Year in 2010. She has also been singled out as one of several Courageous Australians to grace the covers of the White Pages and in 2011 was featured in The West Australian newspaper as one of WA’s 100 Most Influential People. Ros proudly accepted a Murdoch University Honorary Doctorate in 2011 and in 2015 received the prestigious West Australian of The Year Award in the Community category.

Dr Ros Worthington is an inspiring speaker, a mentor for the young and those in search of answers to some of Life’s severest challenges. She has been acknowledged by The West Australian newspaper in 2012 as one of WA’s 100 Most Influential People.



As her remarkable journey unfolds, what Ros teaches us all is that one person, no matter what life throws at them, has the power to make a difference in the community. The Story continues … and on 10th October 2016, to celebrate the first part of a full and eventful life in the service of others, Dr Ros Worthington will be launching her first book.

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