from 0.74c per Pod

Nespresso® Compatible Single Origin - Fair Trade - Organic



For best performance, we recommend Pixie & Inissia Nespresso Machines. U Nespresso Machines not recommended!

  • A single-origin Ethiopian blend with a juicy, syrupy body, notes of blackberry, moving into a sweet, creamy milk chocolate and caramel finish.
  • 100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable, 100% Made from Vegetable
  • Strength = 2/3
  • 12/96 pack
  • $0.74 per pod
  • Net weight 63.6/508.8g
  • Ethiopian, organic & Fair Trade
  • Freshly roasted & packed in Australia.

When you buy Community Pod coffee you become a philanthropist in your own right. With every Community Pod coffee you enjoy from our freshly roasted beans, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to a cause that means something to you. Well done! Please remember to recycle your coffee pod.

Our capsules are recyclable through our recycle program. Our capsules are biodegradable.

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